Beauty Walk Winners


Itty Bitty Miss: 2nd, Machaela Bovis, 1st, Lillie McKinney, Winner Laiken Swindal

Tiny Miss: 2nd, Abbie McKinney, 1st, Caroline Christmas, Winner, Emma Rae Dahl

Petite Miss: 2nd, Sarabeth Collums, 1st, Emma Collins, Winner, Anna Kate Morrison

Little Miss: 2nd, Laura Beth Howell, 1st, Leah Stewart, Winner, Madeline Sealy

Junior Miss: 2nd, Mary Clanton Webb, 1st, Anna Curtis Sealy, Winner, Magan Chapman

Miss Southern Academy: 2nd, Shelby Marsh, 1st, Anne Burt Harrison, Winner, Sydney Standridge, Miss Congeniality, Sydney Standridge

Southern Academy Class of 2016

Southern Academy is committed to providing the opportunity for students to receive a well-rounded education. College preparatory and general curriculum courses are offered. The school is accredited by the Alabama Independent School Association; therefore the school meets the standards declared to be necessary for a quality education.

Congratulations to Southern Academy for earning the status of

2014-2015 BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL!!!!

We are excited to announce that Southern Academy teachers are the recipients of several grants totaling $9,928.00. We are so thankful to the Tombigbee Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council and the other elected officials for the opportunities these grants will provide our teachers and students!


















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