Welcome to Southern Academy

Southern Academy is committed to providing the opportunity for students to receive a well-rounded education. College preparatory and general curriculum courses are offered. The school is accredited by the Alabama Independent School Association; therefore the school meets the standards declared to be necessary for a quality education.


Vision Statement:

Southern Academy is committed to providing a quality education in an academic environment that will nurture the growth and enhance the total development of each child, mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.



We Believe:

We believe that each student should be able to reach his fullest potential in a sound academic and safe environment.


We believe that students should be provided a variety of instructional techniques and materials necessary for success.


We believe that students must be able to comprehend, master, and apply knowledge in order to become responsible, well-equipped, productive young adults.


We believe that faculty, staff, administrators, the Board of Directors, students, and parents must be committed to continuous improvement to enable students to be self directed, confident, life-long learners.


We hope to accomplish our mission through the use of the following concepts:

Establishing and maintaining a positive environment


Offering curriculum's that are flexible and will allow students to maximize their potential.


Providing and educational setting that is safe, clean, secure, attractive and conducive to learning and teaching.


Reinforcing and recognizing students in a positive way in all areas of school life.


Encouraging parental and community involvement.