Headmaster's Welcome


Southern Academy is a Pre-K 3 through 12th grade school. Southern provides an academic and basic curriculum that will give each student the knowledge and understanding necessary to attend college.

Southern is accredited by SACS. Southern also participates in the Chairman and the President's award presented by the AISA each year. These two awards represent the pursuit in athletic and academic excellence. Southern has also been named an AISA "Blue Ribbon School" which exemplifies excellence in teaching, student performance, school life; and school and community interactions.


After the website is viewed we hope you will make plans to visit our campus and see Southern firsthand.

Mike Smith, Headmaster


High School

Ginger Jones: English, Reading, Art, Logic JV Cheer
Paula Fultz: Elem. Spanish, HS Spanish, Science, Lit.
Lennon Bonds: History, Geography, PE
Kalton Roye: Science, Cont., Issues, Health
Nancy Wright: English, Speech, Lit.
Karsyn Roye: Math, Algebra, Geometry
Cynthia McGill: Science, Math, High School Director
Jayne Griffith: History, English,  Lit., Cont. Issues
Sarah Beth Drury: Counselor
Linda Harless: Librarian


Favor Harless: Secretary
Valerie Hinton: Bookkeeper
Randy McCrory: Janitor
Christine Roberts: Lunchroom Administrator
Italie Harper: Lunchroom Staff
Nell Glass: Lunchroom Staff

Jamie Taylor: PreK 3 Teacher
Allison Hubbard: PreK 3 Aide
Stefanie Washburn: PreK 4 Teacher
Jaclyn Rogers: PreK 4 Aide
Lara Leys: Kindergarten
Kaitlyn Parker: Kindergarten Aide
Michelle Harless: 1st Grade Teacher
Samantha Lindsey: 1st Grade Teacher
Amy Broussard: 2nd Grade Teacher
Beth McClendon: 3rd Grade Teacher
Brandy Roye: 3rd Grade Teacher
Jessica Washburn, 4th Grade & Elementary Director
Anita Smith: 5th Grade Teacher
Lori Palmer: 6th Grade Teacher
Casey Daugherty: Elementary PE
Ashley Lindsey: Elementary PE Aide
Tracy Patton: Elementary Computer