Our Academics

Southern Academy is fully accredited by SACS and the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA).





   A     EXCELLENT               90 - 100
   B     GOOD                        80 - 89
   C     AVERAGE                  70 - 79
   D     BELOW AVERAGE     63 - 69
   F     FAILURE                     62 - Below



Each student who graduates from an AISA accredited school will at least meet State Department of Education course requirements for an officially sanctioned state diploma. AISA diplomas are awarded upon completion of either the Academic Curriculum or the Basic Curriculum.

The following units must be earned for graduation from AISA accredited schools:

A.  ACADEMIC - Southern Academy requires 24 units



NOTE: To remain in the Academic Curriculum, students must have a 70 average in Geometry, Alegbra II and Spanish I. Failure to do so would place the student in the Basic Curriculum in those subjects. Grades earned in Algebra I before the ninth grade will not earn a Carnegie Unit nor be counted toward the student's GPA; however,, the grade earned will count toward graduation.


B. BASIC CURRICULUM                                   


*Southern Academy requires Speech and Current Events to other units.         


All credits counted toward graduation at Southern Academy must be earned at Southern Academy. However, a student may attend summer school to make up a failed subject or subjects. Any deviation from the above policy must be received in writing from the administrator as it relates to each individual student.


It is the policy of Southern Academy that a student in grades nine through twelve taking a one year course, the two semesters will be combined. The student's transcript shall reflect both semester averages and the amount of credit noted shall be the result of averaging the two semesters together to earn one unit.